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Fortis Xmax 7mm Neoprene Belt

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The new Fortis Xmax Neoprene Belt!   The ultimate companion for strength enthusiasts and athletes seeking unparalleled support during a wide range of functional movements. Engineered for versatility, this training belt is designed to excel as a standalone belt for dynamic activities such as moving and loading events, providing robust support without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

The 7mm neoprene construction ensures a snug fit that moulds to your body, allowing you to perform with confidence. The flexibility of this belt makes it an ideal choice for those who require unrestricted motion during their workouts.

But that's not all – this training belt is a game-changer when used as an under-belt. Whether you're tackling heavy yoke walks, log presses, intense squats, or demanding deadlifts, our neoprene belt is designed to keep your core stable, providing the stability needed to push your limits safely and effectively.

What sets this belt apart are the two additional elasticized straps strategically incorporated to deliver unmatched support. These adjustable straps ensure a personalised fit, helping you achieve optimal tightness and stability, getting you truly locked in for those high-intensity sessions.

Quick Size Guide:

S - 32"

M - 38"

L - 42"

XL - 48"

2XL - 54"

3XL - 57"

4XL - 61"


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