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Introducing our contribution to mountain gorillas. 
For weeks now we've been sitting on this announcement, ready to share it with you all. Finally, the time has come to announce, survival. our exclusive design, created and sold to raise funds for the international gorilla conservation programme.  THE FIRST PRODUCT OF MANY - SIGN UP BELOW TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN ALL SILVERBACK X WWF DESIGNS.

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international gorilla conservation programme

What WWF have to say about the programme: 
"We work on mountain gorilla conservation as part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP). IGCP was formed in 1991 as a coalition programme which currently consists of us and Fauna and Flora International. It works in close partnership with the respective protected areas authorities of the three countries which are home to mountain gorillas: the Rwanda Development Board, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature in DRC."

about the design.

Survival is a grand, proud representation of the silverback gorilla.
Standing alone, the gorilla is presented in its natural habitat, where it should so rightly be safe and secure.
where this is not often the case, we hope the proceeds raised from this design can help bring our inspirational silverback gorilla to comfort, security, and serenity.

arnold festival 2022: first release

survival saw its first release at the arnold festival 2022. with our athletes present to help promote the cause, the design was a sell out. with our restock, we hope to see you all representing survival and supporting the cause. 

facts about mountain gorillas

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