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Silverback Gymwear Female Athletes: Lucy Underdown

About Lucy Underdown

Lucy Underdown
Lucy Underdown is the first female strongwoman  to pull 300kg on deadlift, at only 32 years old this is her career highlight to date. This is nearly 3 times her body weight, weighing in at around 110kg and standing at 6ft tall. She aims to break another female deadlift world record in the future.
Lucy eats between 2800-3200 calories per day. Depending on if she is training, which is 4/5 times per week. Her favourite training day being anything back related, she loves a deadlift and she's damn good at it too!
Her favourite Silverback gymwear product is our Primal Hoodie, and alike Donna Moore she would love to see us do more ladies racer back vests.
Lucys future aspirations including winning Worlds Strongest Woman and to be the first female to pull 700lb on deadlift one day.


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