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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: Tom Stoltman

About Tom Stoltman

Tom Stoltman
Tom Stoltman AKA "The Albatross" got his name "due to albatrosses having a huge wingspan just like me". He is the youngest of the two worlds strongest brothers at 27, but the tallest standing at a giant 6’8. Needless to say he struggles to find shoes that fit and is a keen advocate of a good Croc.
His older brother Luke Stoltman took him into the gym "when I was 16 to boost my confidence. I hated it initially but then I saw my body changing and me getting stronger. I fell in love with it and it changed my life." He now weighs in at around 185kg. Eating the same as his brother: 7,000kcal a day and 10,000 a day in the week running up to a competition. 
He trains with his brother too, so also has 4 lifting days a week and one active recovery / conditioning day too. Which is needed to reach his goal and "win every show I compete in." His Favourite day to train is events day –" it feels like I am playing with toys and I love it because it is like competition days."
His career highlights have been his first final of WSM like his brother and obviously winning World's Strongest Man last year in 2021. We look forward to seeing if he can retain his title in 2022.
He Loves the new Inferno Range and the Joggers, in which he wears a 5xl. He would like to see more of our Silverback Joggers in other colours.


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