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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: Ryan England

About Ryan England

Ryan England

Ryan 'Rhino' England gained his nickname when his youngest daughter used to watch his videos and shout 'Come on Rhino'. He is 35 and got into strongman after a van accident which left him unable to work for 3 months. After being advised by doctors to work on strengthening his back he visited a local strongman gym. He had never been a fan of normal mainstream gyms, but quickly fell in love with strongman training.
Rhino trains 4 times per week, for 3 hours of an evening on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. plus a 4 hour straining session 10am-2pm on Saturdays. Maintaining  6,000 calories per day weighing in at around 154kg. His favourite training day is events, much like a lot of our athletes, Ryan say's it's "when you get to do whatever you fancy and just have fun".
In terms of long term goals, he would love to "get to world's and win a major competition", but as for this year, he aims to "be in a position to continue to compete at the top level of strongman". Ultimately aiming to become more of a household name in the sport. He defines his career highlight as his 7th place at Britain's Strongest man in 2022 with all of his children being there to see him compete live.
Ryan loves all of the Silverback clothing range as "it's great for training and day to day life". Describing some of the latest drops as "very impressive". He would love to see Silverback do a range of Rhino Tee's like some of the other athletes range.
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