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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: Luke Stoltman

About Luke Stoltman

Luke Stoltman
Luke Stoltman is the oldest of the two Scottish strong brothers, hence his name "The Highland Oak". At 37 years old Luke Stoltmans career highlights have been winning Europes Strongest Man 2021 and his first final of World Strongest man. 
He first started training in bodybuilding, he  "Loved being in the gym and the environment of the gym. His lifts increased quite quickly, he then went on to get friendly with a guy who did strongman and he convinced him to do Scotlands Strongest Man. He went on to win that a huge 5 years in a row and then pushed onto Giants Live shows.
Standing at an impressive 6’3 Luke weighs in at 165kg, sustained by eating 7,000 calories on a regular day and a massive 10,000kcal a day a the week before competing.
Luke lifts 4  days a week as well as one day active recovery / conditioning. Overhead pressing day being his favourite with log press. His goal is to be the best strongman in the world. Our brand new Sleeveless Inferno t-shirt is his favourite Silverback product, and he says he of course would love to see a whole Stoltman range. 
We can't wait to see Luke compete at worlds! He says he's feeling better than ever, strong and powerful.


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