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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: Luke Richardson

About Luke Richardson

Luke Richardson

Luke 'The Future' Richardson is an up and coming strongman who gained his nickname when he was powerlifting prior to strongman. His strongman career kicked off when he started training at Daren Sadler's gym. "The rest is history."
At only 24 years old Luke began strength sports as a teen, unfortunately he ripped his bicep at The start of the year, which needed surgery. So he has had a brief pause in his career, but is set to 'keep growing as a person and try to enjoy strongman again' now he is recovering. 
At 190cm tall and weighing in at around 150kg, Luke sustains his 4 training days a week with 6,000 calories per day. He enjoys deadlift day the most, his aim for the end of 2022 is to be healthy enough to compete again, and we can't wait to see him back in action!
Luke's favourite Silverback Gymwear products are the neoprene shorts, and grip shirt. He would love to see us do some jumpers.
Luke's overall life goal is to win Worlds Strongest Man, he is 'The Future' after all.

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