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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: JF Caron

About JF Caron 

JF Caron
JF is our only Canadian Athlete, at 39 years old he started strongman in 2004 while working on his family farm. He has since won Canada's Strongest Man a massive 9 times, as well as making the World's Strongest Man Finals 9 times too.
He sustains his 5 training days per week with 8000kcal per day! Made up of protein and a big chunk of carbs keeping him at around 150kg in weight with his tall 6ft 3" frame. He really enjoys squat and deadlift in particular.
One of his many career highlights is holding 3 Guinness World Records! He can't wait to come back after injury and aims "to make podium one more time at World's Strongest Man".
Some of his favourite Silverback Products are our Tank Tops.

JF Caron Meal 1JF Caron meal 2JF Caron Meal 3JF Caron Meal 4

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