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Silverback Gymwear Athletes: Adam Bishop

About Adam 'Bish' Bishop

 Adam Bishop
Adam 'Bish' Bishop is 33 years old, but need we explain the nickname?
Bish is 6ft2" and  a former professional rugby player and has always been strong in the gym and got invited to give strongman training a go one weekend in the off season and he "took to it very naturally.
He maintains his 155kg weight by eating 6000-6500kcal per day and training in the gym 4 times per week. Plus 3 conditioning sessions and 7 general cardio sessions per week. 
His Goal for 2022 is to be in the top 3 at WSM and aims to deadlift 505kg, breaking the record. Deadlift is his favourite exercise to train in the gym.
All of the Silverback Gymwear Strongman series are his favourite products, and he would love to see us do some more trucker caps! 
His aim is to win World's Strongest Man, so good luck next week Bish!

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