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April 2023 introduces our new Pre-Order process at Silverback.  Exactly as it sounds, this gives customers the opportunity to secure stock prior to general release and also take advantage of offers that may be available if your favourite products are out of stock.  It's pretty simple, but the bullet points below will clarify exactly how it works and what to expect if you use the option.

  1. If a product or variant is prefixed with [PRE-ORDER - XX.XX.XXXX], this product is available to purchase on Pre-Order.  The X's will be replaced by the expected date that the products will go live.  For example [PRE-ORDER 15.05.2023] Evolve Joggers would be available to pre-order and would be dispatched by the 15.05.2023.
  2.  If your order contains a pre-order, the whole order will be held until the available date.  If you need other items earlier, please raise a separate order and these will be shipped as two shipments.
  3. The date is indicative and is the best information we have from our logistics partners.  You will be notified if the date is extended, but we do our best to tag each product with the most accurate date we have.  Goods will be shipped as soon as delivered so they could be earlier than the indicated date .
  4. Pre-Order products are generally high demand products.  If you are able to secure a Pre-Order product, your order will be shipped before general release.  This is the best way to guarantee you secure the products you want.
  5. We will only allocate 30% of our stock to Pre-Order.  If you're unable to secure a product, ensure you sign up to our newsletter for the general release.  These products typically sell out very quickly.

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