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The Icelandic Viking Has Landed: Magnus Ver Magnusson.

The Icelandic Viking Has Landed: Magnus Ver Magnusson.

Introducing our newest addition to our Athlete Range: the Magnús Ver Magnússon tee. 

We're thrilled to support the Icelandic Legend that is Magnús Ver Magnússon, allowing you all to support him and his unbelievable achievements within the sport of Strongman. 

4x World's Strongest Man, with 3 back to back wins and 9x Iceland's Strongest Man, his contribution to the sport is legendary. 

When asked about his introduction to the sport, Ver Magnússon recalls:

“I was always stronger than the rest of the kids,” he admits. “I was working on my grandfather’s farm when I was really young, and I was throwing hay bales around like they were nothing. This being Iceland, a powerlifter moved to my village—which only had about 1,000 people—and he started a sports council with weightlifting equipment, and it didn’t take long for me to get hooked.”

Fast forward to 2022, where he's left a considerable imprint on the sport, and now owns his own 'Jakaból' gym, which translates to 'Nest of Giants' and homes a training centre for many large names within the Strongman sport

Not only that, Ver Magnússon is hugely passionate about the sport of Disabled Strongman. He has a strong involvement with the World's Strongest Disabled Man competition and works hard within the sport to bring representation and opportunities to all. 

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