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Inferno Hoodie, Sleeveless Tee, and T Shirt

INFERNO, by Danny O'Connor

INFERNO, predicted to be our most successful design yet. Painted by Liverpool based mixed media artist Danny O'Connor. 

Danny is predominately an expressive figurative artist who's work possesses has a strong graphic element. He incorporates; ink, paint markers, acrylics, and spray paint combined with household gloss and emulsions. Combining 'natural flowing lines and harsh diagonals' 'using brushes, fingers, paint rollers, paper and cardboard to create expressive and striking imagery'.

Clean crisp areas of colour with layered messy splashes of paint to achieve something that appears both modern and almost futuristic whilst retaining a raw traditional aesthetic. Much alike the Strongman sport, a traditional aesthetic made modern with futuristic inhuman strength. Evolving with the times. Danny's Gorilla painting is built up by layer upon layer of paint which presents a great depth to the piece. His art doesn’t settle with convention, creating an iconic design to suit our athletes and advocates of the Silverback brand.

Strong, unique, and on fire.

Shop our Inferno Collection as it comes live on Saturday 30th April, 10am GMT, for an artist designed range of gym hoodies, tees, and sleeveless gym tops. 

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  • Inferno gym wear looks awsome when will it be on sale

  • AWESOME!!!! Please make long sleeve tees!

  • my wife will kill me, but what the heck I’m in.

    Jim Betts

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