Why the rebrand?

Silverback have been trading since 2013 and in that time the business has changed and evolved.  Back in 2013, Silverback was a one-man band where products were manually produced to order.  Roll on 4 years and Silverback is now fully established, with design teams, marketing teams and with all of the necessary process automation to enable next day international delivery.  We’ve come a long way and we’re only just getting started.

So on to the logo change.  Why have we changed?  We know a lot of customers love our gorilla logo.  So do we – Let’s face it, nothing symbolises Silverback better than a Silverback!  The simple truth is that he’s a complex little chap and we had significant manufacturing issues trying to apply him to our clothing as a small logo.  Screen printing often lead to poor definition and he’s simply far too intricate to embroider to a standard that we’re able to sell with pride.   

Unfortunately, we had to retire him as the face of our brand.  However, please be reassured – He’s not gone.  We’ve retained the Unbroken design as part of our Blueprint range and we’ll certainly resurrect him on some of our Blueprint designs going forward.  That’s exactly what our Blueprint range is.  It’s our roots, it’s the big and brash designs that are so well loved in the strength arena and they will continue to grow as we expand into other markets.  In fact, we’ll be launching a Facebook campaign shortly where we’ll let our customers decide on the next design to come back.  Watch this space on that one.

Our re-launch range is a modest introduction of lots of things to come.....


We’ll also be piloting some truly unique products.  Unique not only to Silverback but to the entire fitness apparel industry.  And then there’s the women’s range that is currently in the design phase.  We’ll be reaching out to social following for inspiration and to ensure we deliver what our customers want.

So, let’s summarise this first blog of our new era.

  • We have moved forward
  • He’ll be missed, but he’ll be seen again
  • We’ll never forget our roots
  • We’ll reward our customers
  • We’re excited about what’s to come.
  • We want you to join us as we grow.

Why follow the crowd, when you can walk with the strong.


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Dan houston

Dan houston

I’ve ordered some of the old and new range and the qualities not been compromised. I’ll be glad when the ladies range come out so hopefully I can get my hoodies back of the wife. Good luck guys and I can’t wait to order some more bits.

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