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Welcome Graham Hicks

Welcome Graham Hicks

A Big Silverback welcome to current Britain's Strongest Man Graham 'Hixxy' Hicks, the latest athlete to join the Team.  We are extremely fortunate and excited to have him as part of the team and look forward to working with Hixxy in the future with all of his Strongman and Powerlifting endeavours.  Check out Graham's Bio below...









5 foot 10 (178cm)


Gym trains in

My own private gym


Squat Max



Deadlift Max



Bench Max

250kg soon to be 300kg 


Age started in gym

I begun the gym at around 14years old


Age started in strongman

In 2010 when I was 25 years old


Comps won to date

Britains Strongest man 2019


 Most memorable comp and why

Some might think it was my win at Britain's but actually the one I remember the most is Britain's 2018 when I placed second behind Eddie.

At this time I was training out of my garage, weighed less than I had done for years due to illness (which I never spoke of) and managed to push Eddie throughout the show and with very little pressure on myself had a real blast and enjoyed the day massively. It gave me belief that I could win it the following year, which I did.


Biggest inspiration in life

In life I guess I had very little inspiration growing up and early adulthood, even at the start of strongman I just enjoyed training which is still the case now.

But having met my Wife Kimber-lee and having a family these guys help keep me motivated as I want to do all of them proud.  Strongman can be challenging for all the family, not just me when I have to go to work full time aswell but they're all so great and making them proud will always make me work hard.


Future ambitions

First and foremost – stay healthy. I always try keep my goals short term so that I can stay more focused on one thing. For the rest of this year I am training towards a big powerlifting meet called Big Dogs 4 which is in November in Australia. With a new addition to family this year it allows me to still train hard but a little less without adding in strongman events too. Once things are more settled I will begin them again and look at retaining my British title.


Most admired strongman past and present

I always admired Lalas, being the same height and not too dissimilar in weight I always loved how well rounded and athletic he was. Always finished high in every show he competed.


Your ideal Saturday night

Movie, chocolate, whiskey and my wife – kids snoring away in bed


Favourite cheat meal

I do like a nice Chinese, sweet and sour chicken


Favourite lift

Its hard for me to pick these days. I enjoy a lot of what I train that’s why I do it. I am enjoying deadlifts a lot though this year.


Why you do what you do.

I think most people like a hobby, or something to do. But I love to train and I like lifting heavy things and most of all I like to challenge myself, set myself a goal of sorts and strive towards it. If I fail or don’t achieve it I don’t look back just set new ones and keep going forward.

Working Life 

I work for BAE SYSTEMS I have worked here 15 years now and currently working on the In service support team which supports any maintenance issues on aircraft in Saudi Arabia.


Thanks Guys


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