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Welcome Adam Bishop

Welcome Adam Bishop

We are extremely pleased to welcome our latest Athlete Adam 'Bish' Bishop to Silverback.  Adam is a top level strongman and currently 2nd strongest man in Britain.  He joins Tom Stoltman, Luke Stoltman and Graham Hicks.  Adam has a bright future and we are excited to be part of his journey.   For a little insight into Adam checkout his Bio below....


Age 30


Weight 140kg


Height 189cm


Gym trains in Harlequins Training Centre and Athlete Movement


Squat Max 370kg


Deadlift Max 420kg


Bench Max 227.5kg


Age started in gym 15


Age started in strongman 21


Comps won to date UKs Strongest Junior, UKs Strongest Man u105kg


Most memorable comp and why

My first WSM in Malaysia 2015. I set myself the goal of making WSM by 2015 way back when I started training for strongman. Converting my heros into rivals was a surreal experience


Biggest inspiration in life

My parents. They provided me with everything I could ever wish for and drove me all over the country when I was younger to play rugby and compete in athletics. They are my biggest fans and my Dad watches all of my sporting endeavours – the only thing that has changed is I have switched the rugby pitch for the strongman arena.


Future ambitions

Win Britain’s Strongest Man, win World’s Strongest Man.


Most admired strongman past and present

Bill Kazmaier – the intensity and competitiveness he brought to every single event is yet to be equaled.


Your ideal Saturday night

Sitting in a quiet beer garden, casual drinking and chatting with my friends. Unfortunately this doesn’t happy as often as it should due to training commitments!


Favourite cheat meal

Used to be pizza but now is Greek food!


Favourite lift

Deadlift. The truest test of strength.


Why you do what you do.

Because I enjoy it. I love the process of building strength, experimenting in the gym and seeing what works. Seeing prolonged progress in a certain lift is fantastic and I love to test out what is possible in strength sports. The fame and followers are great but I would be still be competing in pub car parks with no one watching if that was where strongman was at.


What do you do day to day at Harlequins.

I am the Senior Strength Coach. It is my responsibility to get the professional athletes physically prepared to win games. Day to day I’m writing and delivering strength and fitness programmes in the gym with the guys as well as taking warm ups for both training sessions and on match day. My dream job.

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