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Tom Stoltman's Pre Brit's Blog

Tom Stoltman's Pre Brit's Blog


Well guys I've just finished packing to travel down to Sheffield in the morning and right now I feel focused and dialed in to the task that lies ahead.  I don't feel nervous I feel excited, I just love to compete and I can't wait to get there.

My Prep this year has been better than anticipated.  I have been hitting my goals and getting done what needed to be done.  I’ve been happy with all my lifts but my pressing is what I'm most happy with, I've done a lot of work around it, I won't go into detail but small changes make big differences overall.  My coach Delroy McQueen has installed these changes and a lot of others to get me to where I am.  I have been training to the limit, as fatigued as I could in order to reach the same levels of exhaustion I will face on Saturday.  It's the best I have felt for strength and conditioning, I have worked hard to stay on top of my nutrition and I have been as strict as I could.  A diet of high protein and medium carbs has given me energy I've never felt before, it's just worked for me this time.  I'm aiming to get to the World's again this year and get that podium on Saturday.  I know if I take my A game I can be up there fighting for the title.  My head and body are in sync so now it's time to put it all on the line!

I will give you a little run down of the actual day: -

We have to be at the Arena at around 12:30PM so I will have breakfast then digest and chill out before setting off.  On arrival, we will go through the rules and take a look over the equipment.  I will then kick back, relax and eat while going through the motions.  About 1 hour before the start I will do my stretching throw a bit of Rob Bailey and Eminem on then get in the zone.  20 mins before the start when the names get announced that's when I get psyched up, nothing else matter at this point other than the battle that awaits......  It’s a fantastic line up this year and there will be some real battles going on I wil be in the thick of it….

See you all on the podium!  Much love -Tom

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  • Good luck and I hope all goes well. Be the warrior and destroy that competion . X

    susan Prentice

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