The benefits of our Gen2 range.

Our Gen2 range is a completely new line up for Silverback.  The branding is discreet and the products are focused on quality and performance.  We often received feedback from our customers that our T-Shirts were on the heavier side and retained a fair amount of moisture. We listened and as a result all of our products have been refined to offer the same high quality and durability, but with a modified GSM value to ensure breathability and ease of movement for all exercise types.  

The Gen2 T-Shirts take this to the next level.  Firstly, they’re cut differently – They cling to the biceps, chest and shoulders and flow freely through the mid drift.  We’re not going to brag about how nice they are to wear,  we will let you do that over the coming weeks.  In addition, the composition of the fabric is different.  It contains 3 core elements each bringing their own individual benefits.

  1. Tri-blends are soft, very soft.  They include 25% rayon, 25% polyester, and 50% cotton, the fabric is incredibly soft to the touch, but the blend itself has more stretch, which follows the contours of your body..
  1. Breathes like cotton.  The fabric doesn’t keep heat trapped between the fabric and your skin.  It removes heat from your body keeping you much cooler during exercise.
  1. Wrinkle Resistance The blend of fibres makes this a doddle to maintain.  No ironing required with this one.
  1. Wicking properties Tri-blend fabrics wick moisture from the body so you feel drier during your workout.
  1. Drape and Fit.They feel great, but they also tend to look better on a range of body types than standard cotton tees. 
  1. Durability - Tri-blends last longer.  The combined properties of each material make these shirts last longer than other materials. They also have less shrinkage.  That being said, respect your gear and it will last ten times longer – Wash on cool, dry on cool.

We've been overwhelmed with demand on these and are currently seeing stock shortages in certain sizes of the red and white fleck colours.  These are now on back order and should be with us within the next couple of weeks.

Have a look.  Keep an eye on our Social channels to see these in the real world


Why follow the crowd when you can walk with the strong,





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