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Shane Flowers - Europe

Shane Flowers - Europe's Strongest Man Interview | Silverback Gymwear

We caught up with the new kid on the block, Shane Flowers, to find out more about his journey to Europe's Strongest Man and his thoughts on the comp. 

What did your Journey to Europe's Strongest Man look like? 

Shane: I started competing in strongman in 2021. I qualified for England’s Strongest Man through the officialstrongman online qualifiers. I won Englands in August which gained me a spot at Giants Live Britains Strongest Man 2021. Being my first pro show I was nervous which was apparent, also I was quite unprepared. But nonetheless I did well enough to secure my spot on the 2022 Giants Live tour.
I started 2022 with very simple ambitions; keep improving and try to secure a place and become a regular fixture on the Giants Live circuit.

Shane Flowers Britain's Strongest Man

How does it feel to have been invited to Europe's?

Shane: I finished my first competition of 2022 (Britains Strongest Man) in 4th place, narrowly missing out on the podium. However I impressed enough to be invited to Europe’s and World’s Strongest Man 2022! It’s been an absolute whirlwind but it’s only when I take a step back and reflect on where I was just 8 months ago I realise the shear magnitude of my rise within this sport.

How do you feel about your performance on Saturday?

Shane: Going into Europe’s, I had my sights set on breaking into that top 5. Although I achieved it, it feels bittersweet. I had a very real taste of the podium, sitting in 3rd with 2pts clear of 4th going into the final event. Unfortunately by this point in the evening my body was beginning to suffer and each stone lifted was adding to the pain in my biceps. I’ve been suffering with sore tendons in my arms for a few weeks and I knew that I was playing with fire. I had every intention of lifting that 180kg stone regardless of the consequences but my body simply wouldn’t let me. It had had enough by that point and I had to settle for 5th place. Fortunately I haven’t caused any long lasting damage and will be back into training next week.

Shane Flowers Britain's Strongest Man What were your competition highlights?

Shane: For me the highlights were finally going head-to-head with Luke Stoltman. He’s one of my idols in this sport and to go up against him and to have narrowly finished ahead on the chain drag was incredible. Hearing the increasing number of people cheer me on from the crowd is immense.

What's up next for Shane Flowers?

Shane: Next up I have my debut at WSM. I’m working hard at reducing my hours at my full-time job and make that well-needed leap as a professional strongman. If I can continue on the same trajectory I’ve been on the last few months I will be fighting to get into that final. I’ll be doing everything within my power to bring my A game and showcase that I am one of the brightest prospects in strongman worldwide.

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