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In November and December we added a number of new designs and garments to our range which was fantastic but this also came with it's own problems.  Due to the popularity of those new designs they were selling out quicker than anticipated .  Previously when items were sold out there would be a delay of around 3-4 weeks for stock replenishment, a frustrating situation.  

We decided to speed this process up and have cut lead times down to approximately 7 working days. We figured that on a number of designs we could offer a pre-order system which would only be a maximum delay of 7 days.  We will be aiming to grow the products we offer on pre-order with the aim of never being out of stock on any of our products. 

The latest design on pre order is the emotive 'Never Back Down' now available on a standard fit poly/cotton marl grey hoodie.  See below and hit the link to get it reserved, we know this will sell fast.




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