Luke Stoltman SSM

It's time for Scotland's Strongest this weekend guys and our very own Luke Stoltman goes head to head with brother and fellow Silverback Athlete Tom.

Luke is looking for his 6th title in a row!  Dedication and consistency has given him the title the past 5 years and that dedication remains for this year, so will it be 6?  Luke's biggest threat is brother Tom and we all know how much a threat he is.  Luke's prep has been where he needs it to be, experience tells him where he needs to be going into this comp and that experience overall pays dividends when it comes to stepping over the line for that first event.  Luke is a fantastic all round athlete and the fire is very much there.  This will be a very interesting SSM and we're really looking forward to it 

Here are a few words from The Highland Oak....


Current Weight - 155kg


Current Kcal intake - 5000cals


Your diet in the days leading upto SSM? - Breakfast consists of 6 eggs scrambled, 4 slices toast and porridge. 

Main meals - red meat, potatoes or rice and veg. 

I will also add in my shakes with a few extra calories in between meals. 

I will throw in some higher calorie days Thursday, Friday before competing on Saturday and Sunday. 

How has your prep been this year ? - Prep has been solid. I’ve been hitting some good lifts. Events are feeling as good as they ever have been. 

What are you most looking forward to this year at SSM? - Competing! I love to compete and I love to perform. It’s why I do this. To have people cheering you on and doing as well as you can.  To be up against the best in Scotland and seeing where I can finish 

 What keeps you coming back year after year?

The love of competing. I get such a buzz from competitions. It’s like no other feeling 

 Can you make it 6? - I believe that if I compete now I have trained and make no mistakes I can win number 6. There are guys out there that want to beat me, that are hungry and looking strong. But, I am at the top and I don’t intend on stepping down 

Who are your biggest threats this year?

My brother Tom. The other guys are all very good but I don’t feel they are as all round strong as Tom. If Tom had a good day and does what he can he can easily win this comp. 

Will you be back next year - I’m not sure. This is number 6 I am going for. I am possibly thinking about taking a few months out to try for a baby with my wife. But we will see. Still TBC on that question!

Your first meal after SSM? - A double steak house burger no doubt on the way home from the comp, followed by 6 donuts 

What next after SSM? - We have been invited to compete in the Worlds Ultimate Strongman in Dubai which is set to be one of the biggest and elitist of competitions in the world. 

I feel very privileged and humbled to be competing there. 





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