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Luke Stoltman Athlete Bio!

Luke Stoltman Athlete Bio!

Hi Guys,


You may be aware Luke has decided to join younger brother Tom and come on board with Silverback.   He needs no introduction! We are excited to have Luke and I think anybody in the strength game knows his calibre and with the World's coming up the future is really bright for Luke.  We managed to get a quick bio out of him before he heads off to the Philippines next week.  


Age - 33


Weight - 150kg


Height - 6’3


Gym trains in - Stoltman Strength Centre (SSC)


Squat Max - 360kg


Deadlift Max - 390kg


Bench Max - 240kg


Age started in gym - 16


Age started in strongman - 27


Comps won to date 5 time Scotland strongest man – 2013 - 2017


 Most memorable comp and why – competing in worlds strongest man with my brother tom. It was a dream for me to be able to compete with Tom in the worlds. It’s the highest level of competition for us. It was also a not long after my mum passed away and I know she would have been incredibly proud of the both of us representing Scotland and the Stoltman name.


Biggest inspiration in life – My mum and dad.


Future ambitions – To retain my Scotland's strongest man title,  and gain a final spot at world's strongest man.


Most admired strongman past and present – Eddie Hall and Mariusz Pudzianowski


Your ideal Saturday night – Relaxing in my house with my wife and two dogs watching a movie and eat some nice food.


Favourite cheat meal – Pizza, nandos, Indian Takeaway


Favourite lift – Log press


I believe that the Stoltman name will remain a constant name in strength sports for years to come. We have cemented the Stoltman name in Scottish strength and now its time to branch out and make it a world wide name.



We really do wish Luke all the best next week and make sure you follow his journey on instagram @luke.stoltman for his prep and updates.  

You can also catch some of Luke's and Tom's training at the Stoltman Strength Centre on their instagram @stoltmanstrength.  A must follow for anybody into Strongman.

We will have a post comp blog with Luke after he returns.

Good Luck Luke - Team Silverback...




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1 comment

  • i would like to wish you all the best mate not only are you a giant of a strong man but your a gent and a good friend to all so good luck mate all of scotland will be behind you

    daz parker

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