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Graham Hicks - The Rise of Strongman

Graham Hicks - The Rise of Strongman

Hi Guys,

Graham Hicks has penned a brief blog about why Strongman has gained popularity and where he sees it heading over the next few years.  Enjoy.....

 "I first started getting into strongman back in 2010. I didn’t find it hard to get into a competition but I did find training events a real struggle, I and others had to commute most weekends to go use kit and gyms around the country.

 Since 2010 the sport of strongman has grown drastically. From amateur competitions to elite level, giants live shows in the arenas. Arena shows have vastly become an amazing crowd favourite and filling up in the thousands. This has assisted in the rapid growth of the sport, it has increased the fan base and in an age of everything social media it really is thriving for the organisers and the athletes. The exposure they get now would not have been possible 10 years ago.  A simple search on instagram or facebook brings up thousands of posts relating to all things strongman, used correctly it is a fantastic starting point and a great place to learn the basics

For somebody starting out in strongman at an amateur level, theres so much more available to that person in 2019. Me for example, where I live, I had to drive 1 hour 30mins to get to a gym in 2010 which had the kit, If I was to drive that exact route today I bet I would pass between 20-30 gyms which had strongman facilities.

Its quickly becoming a sport for everyone, male and female of any age. It's fun and you don’t need to be deadlifting 400kg to participate.  If people play Sunday league football, they don’t associate themselves with Wayne Rooney, it’s a sport and they realise they are not on his level. Strongman is quickly becoming the same, because you do strongman as a sport/hobby does not mean you are suddenly at the same Level of Brian Shaw……….and may never be. This is where I hope and see it getting to, where a lot more people are training it and competing at the most lower levels for fun as it should be.

I chose strongman because it was a bit different, allowed me to put going to the gym to some use and gave my training a lot more purpose and drive. Its been a huge factor of my life the last 10 years. I have had many ups and downs in life but strongman has done well for both me and my family, whether its travelling the world and meeting new friends or financially, I have had the pleasure of all three and it's had many positive affects on our lives.  

If you are into Strongman then stick with it, it's a lifestyle, but don't take it too seriously, have fun, have focus, lift safe and set goals.....  Stay tuned for my next blog where I will be covering all things diet related!"


All the best Hixxy.....

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