Carbon - A Shirt with a difference.
Silverback have been busy in 2017.  We've;
  • re branded,
  • launched our new Web site
  • partnered with DHL for international delivery
  • launched our new  Gen2 product range. 
We've also been working with Odegon® technologies to deliver some unique gym clothing. Clothing that is stylish and functional, but most importantly, clothing that gives you confidence to train hard and focus without worrying about anything else. It wasn't quite ready for launch, but it's here now and we're excited to share this with the world. 

Our Gen2 Carbon range contains Odegon® carbon fabric that is scientifically proven to remove odour, keeping your clothing fresh during the most intense workouts.  The technology is literally based on gas mask technology, and each shirt has the odour absorption surface area of two tennis courts. It's impressive stuff and we're thrilled to introduce this into our range. 

The Gen2 Carbon T-shirt is the ultimate shirt. It fits and drapes in all the right places. The triple blend fabric wicks away sweat, its light, low maintenance and absorbs odour to give you confidence to train hard and sweat more than ever before. 

Let face it. Sweat can smell. We're all human here. We won't beat around the bush, we'll say it as it is.  This isn't the place to regurgitate basic biology and explain why sweat can smell, but we will explain how our carbon range takes care of it so you don't have to think about it in the gym or after your workout. 

So how does it work?  (We're about to get technical)

With roots in military protection, the technology in Odegon products is based on a special type of nano-porous material that traps odour molecules using a completely inert, chemical-free process. As a result of the Van der Waals force, odour molecules are trapped and retained leaving nothing but fresh smelling air.

Van der Waals (named after the Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals) is a short range intermolecular force found throughout nature and is very effective at trapping odour causing molecules. Our nano-porous carbon-based material utilises this novel property to great effect as illustrated below.

The fabric is fused into the Gen2 T-Shirt during manufacture and sealed within a fabric pocket under the arm area. The fabric will retain odour molecules until it is refreshed during the normal washing cycle.  The Odegon fabric will continue to function and refresh through the lifecycle of the garment.
The Carbon T-Shirt is the first product to implement this technology in our range.  It won't stop here and our designers are busy using the technology in our hoodie range and new products planned for the future.
Product testing.
Odegon has been extensively tested.  The extract below summarises the results of a recent test in the USA

Why follow the crowd when you can walk with the strong





When’s your womens range comin out?? And will it include the odour eliminating fabric? I must admit, i do thin kabout it when i’m working out and i like this idea.



Cool idea! – Ordered

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