Do you have the stomach to be a Strongman?


Every December we all somehow manage to tune into World’s Strongest Man whilst sitting on the sofa eating the last scraps of the decimated Xmas Turkey.  In some households it's a Xmas tradition, there's nothing quite like watching strongman and for me it was the likes of Magnús Ver Magnússon, Mariusz Pudzianowski and more recently Derek Poundstone, I found the sheer strength and stature of these men fascinating.

Many reading this will be in the Strongman game or have participated at some point, others will watch from a distance always pondering and wandering what it takes to be part of the ultimate club of Strong Men.  

In this blog, we look at Silverback athlete Tom 'The Albatross' Stoltman's gut busting daily food intake and how he combat's a dip in appetite.

"Tom what is your current daily diet and does it differ when you are heading into a comp?

At the moment, I am prepping for a Powerlifting meet so my food intake is much higher in protein with medium carbs and fats.  Usually at this stage I would be on high carbs and fat to bulk but this approach works for me currently.

I usually wake around 6am......  I will have my first gainer shake which consists of the following: -

3 scoops of Whey
2 x Banana's 
2tbs Peanut Butter
2 scoops BCAA's
2tbs Honey
Bicarbonate Soda
400ml full fat milk

(I get this in me straight away. )


6 eggs
4 wholegrain toast
2 avocados
1 litre of water

These 2 meals have been key to me gaining weight and gaining strength, they put me on course for a good day of eating once I get them down.


Chicken and Tomato Pasta

(I make enough of this to see me into meals 3 and 4)


Chicken and Tomato Pasta 


Chicken and Tomato Pasta 


Whey Shake
Piece of fruit


7PM - Pre Gym

2 Banana's
2tbs Peanut Butter


During workout

1 litre of water & BCAA 

Post Gym 

Whey shake

Steak, Steak mince or Chicken with either rice or potato. 


Big bowl of cereal with full fat milk
2 Peanut Butter Sandwiches
2 x glasses of water
2tbs of Bicarbonate Soda


I like to keep my water high and will take a pint with every meal.  It’s not totally strict to this but I will mix up the proteins between mince, steak and chicken etc., it all depends how I feel during the day.  I’m sitting at between 8,000 - 9,000 calories following the above plan, this will rise going into the new year but I'm gaining weight steadily with this intake.  I try to stay fairly lean, my age along with some decent genetics allow me to do this but I know this may change as I get older.  

Sometimes at the start of a new week I will struggle to physically get the meals down me I find that once I have forced the first 2 down, something kicks in and I'm good to go for the rest of the week.  


Tom the question that everybody wants to know, what's your favourite cheat meal?

Good Question!  Well if it’s a real treat this is what I will order and get that bad boy delivered!  

16" Meat Feast Pizza
2 portions of chicken Pakora
1 Portion of Chips
1 Sprite (Diet!)
2 packets of Haribo because everybody loves it so and they make me happy!
Thanks Guys - Happy Lifting - The Albatross....



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